Pet Grooming

Simply Grooming by Gia is a full service dog (and cat!) grooming shop.

We offer gentle, compassionate and customized grooming for canines of all ages, sizes and breeds plus some self-wash services. We own and love Bully Breed dogs- no breed bias here!

Our goal is to build lasting positive relationships with clients, their dogs and the community within which we work. We want to raise the bar on the grooming experience, on how groomers interact with people and their dogs and on the quality of grooming in general. We feel that pets deserve careful, compassionate, gentle and consistent care in a quiet and calming environment, and that their owners deserve to be treated fairly and with respect and honesty. We believe in fair, consistent pricing, and in rewarding loyalty- Ask about our rewards program.

Dog Grooming

High-quality Grooming Products

We choose to be responsible citizens of the planet and as such we use as many recycled/refurbished/repurposed items in the shop as we can. We use high quality grooming products that are biodegradable and leave no toxic run off in the water supply. We also use these type of products because they are safest for your four leggeds and ours. We use natural cleaning products, quick drying towels, and source products locally wherever possible to save fossil fuels needed to transport items long distances.


We offer a variety of services: everything from creative add ons (bows we make by hand, bandannas, Mohawks, non toxic temporary color, non toxic more permanent color and Asian influenced hair cuts) to basic baths, nail trims, breed cuts, EZ Sheds, tooth brushing, anal gland expression and more. Just ask for what you would like/need when you make your appointment.


Appointments are booked Tuesdays through Saturdays and we are generally booked 1 to 2 weeks out.


Pricing depends on pet size, coat type and coat condition as well as pets overall behavior during the process. We can give you a quote when you call.

**Certain breed cuts/processes are by the hour with a 1 hour minimum. Call for details on this.**


As huge rescue and adoption advocates, we offer a discounted first grooming for pets rescued from shelters or adopted from rescues. We also offer discounted grooming rates to anyone who is fostering for a shelter or rescue group. Ask us for details when you make your appointment.

Retail Shop

We sell quite a few retail items as well. We have everything from five star rated foods to locally made collars to natural flea preventatives. Please click on our retail link on the site for a list of what we vend.

Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming - Frosty

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming

We also offer cat grooming! This service is offered on Mondays when there are either no or very quiet dogs in the building, which helps us provide your kitty with a low stress experience.

We hope to see you and your furry friend soon!