We put the safety and well being of your pets first!

Even though we can’t groom our beloved furry friends right now, we can still pamper them! We are offering contactless pickup and delivery options for dog and cat food, treats, grooming supplies, toys and more! Don’t let your pup (or kitty) get bored or hungry- order online, call, or text today. Gift cards available!

Because we are picky (there we said it!), all items for sale in our shop meet strict criteria.

For example, all food and treats must be sourced entirely in the United States, New Zealand or Canada. They do not contain dyes and have no or natural only preservatives. We extensively and exhaustively research every item we sell BEFORE we sell it. We ourselves have tasted most of the edible items including the wet dog food (but excepting the kibble and raw bones lol). If we won’t or don’t feed it to or use it on our own pack or around them, you won’t find it for sell in our shop. Period. We also won’t sell things from companies with a history of any recalls or shady ethics. Simply stated, we put the safety and well being of your pets and our own above profit. We are passionate and knowledgeable about everything we carry and are always happy to chat with you about any items. Listed below is a sampling of what we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call us and ask!

  • Locally made Waggiwear collars and leashes
  • Wondercide natural flea preventatives and yard spray
  • Champion Pet Foods−this includes the Orijen and Acana lines for both cats and dogs. Check out to see why this is the 5 star rated kibble on the market!
  • Smart Love, Planet Dog, Fido and Beco toys (Becos are made from recycled plastic bottles! How cool is that?). We also carry Yeow! cat toys
  • Chilly Dog Sweaters–fair trade, organic washable wool in sizes XXS all the way up to 3X!
  • Earth Rated Bio-degradeable poop bags
  • Primal Raw and Freeze Dried pet food
  • Raw marrow bones for dogs of all sizes and in all proteins (bison, venison, beef and lamb)
  • A wonderful array of chew things for pets who love to chew−Fido chew bones, Etta Says chew treats, natural bully sticks, yaks milk bones and more
  • Ziwi Peak air dried pet food
  • A variety of supplements/health things for your pets including fish oils, coconut oil, hip and joint chews, probiotics (including raw goats milk!), calming treats, vitamins and more
  • Home grooming supplies to tidy your baby between grooms−including combs, brushes, deshed tools, scented spritzes, natural shampoos (including cat shampoo!) and grooming wipes
  • Food grade diatomaceous earth (an amazing natural flea treatment) in sizes from small few ounce containers all the way to up to 50pound bags!