But my dog isn’t a show dog! Reasons to train anyway with your dog

People often think that the only reason to train a dog is if it is a show dog. Nothing could be further from the truth. A well mannered, obedient dog with whom you share a common vocabulary, is a delight to be around. If you put in the effort to teach your dog what it means to sit, for example, and you then say “sit” to your dog, he or she understands what you want him or her to do. You have the bond of a common vocabulary. You can literally take this vocabulary anywhere and everywhere you and your dog go: the park, the vet, the groomer, the back door. You can even use it in times of crisis, when your dog’s life may depend on it. You can build it up to encompass a myriad of ideas: sit, spin, twirl, down, stand, heel, around, over, through, come, just to name a few. Training strengthens the bond between owner and dog. You can use training to alleviate boredom, to distract your dog from naughty behaviors, or just to have fun. You can build on it and compete in Rally, Obedience, or Agility. You can take classes with a trainer or do it yourself. There is no limit to how long your dog can stay in training class. Our own Albus goes to class every week, and he’s 3! The key is to get out there and have fun while you bond with your dog.

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