It’s Not a Necklace: Why proper collar fit really really matters

As dog groomers, we take off and put collars back on every single day. And we every single day, we see dogs wearing collars that, more often than not, are too loose. Why does this matter so much? Because the collar is what you hook your leash to. All of the control you have over...
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Understanding Bloodsuckers: Parasites 101

It’s that time of year…the bloodsuckers of all assortments are on the prowl…the IRS, fleas, Mosquitos, ticks…and folks are wondering just how this all works. So first let’s start with the bad news, which is that every year, with less and less freezes, and freezes lasting too short a time to be very effective, fleas,...
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But my dog isn’t a show dog! Reasons to train anyway with your dog

People often think that the only reason to train a dog is if it is a show dog. Nothing could be further from the truth. A well mannered, obedient dog with whom you share a common vocabulary, is a delight to be around. If you put in the effort to teach your dog what it...
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The Leash Law: Not An Optional Law

I cannot tell you the frustration I personally feel when I see dogs off leash in non off leash designated areas. Not only is this grossly inconsiderate and potentially dangerous, it is also 100% illegal and fineable. See, the leash law was designed to protect your dog, you, and other people and their dogs and...
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